GoGo Pillow Review

The GoGo Pillow is amazing for holding your ipad

My parents got our whole family iPads for Christmas and we love them! What we don’t like, however, is that using these things can be so awkward. Regular tablet covers and stands only work on flat surfaces, making using the tablet in bed or on a sofa uncomfortable.

Fortunately, my aunt told us about GoGo Pillow. This is a special pillow that’s designed to hold your tablet and rest it on just about any surface. Even better, it converts easily into a travel pillow, eliminating the need to pack both a tablet holder and travel pillow while on trips.

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How GoGo Pillow Works

The GoGo Pillow has a specially designed “frame” on the front side that lets you securely slip in your tablet or large smartphone. You can then rest the angled pillow on your legs or any flat surface for easy viewing and interaction. The soft, plus fabric is comfortable and protects your skin from the heat generated by the tablet.

Even better, the GoGo Pillow is multipurpose: The straps on the back allow you to convert the GoGo Pillow into a small backpack for your kids!

You can also use the straps to hang the GoGo Pillow (and tablet) from the back of your car seat so that the kids can enjoy a movie during travel. The GoGo Pillow also converts into a neck rest pillow that you can use while on an airplane or train.

If you want to get more of an idea how it works, check out the video review by this adorable kid below:

Color Options


Pros and Cons on GoGo Pillow

Pros and Cons on the GoGo Pillow

While I really love the GoGo Pillow, I also know that it has its pros and cons like everything else. Check out my list below while you make your decision about making a purchase:


  • Securely holds tablets of most sizes
  • Protects legs and arms from “toasted skin syndrome”
  • Converts into a kid-sized backpack
  • Converts into a travel neckrest
  • Easily attaches to car seat headrests so that backseat riders can view movies on the go
  • Plus pillow design molds to your lap, making for comfortable viewing even if you aren’t near a table
  • Great range of colors makes GoGo Pillow a suitable item or gift for everyone who owns a tablet
  • Holds print magazines in place while you are outdoors


  • Designed for tablets, not small smartphones or laptops
  • Plush fabric might not be comfortable in hotter months

Where to Buy Your GoGo Pillow

Make sure you buy your GoGo Pillow online, through the official website. If you do, you’re entitled to a special free bonus: They’ll double your order and send you a free GoGo Pillow for the cost of shipping and handling! Buying from the website is also the only way to get a money back guarantee for if you don’t like the product.

Final Recommendation

GoGo Pillow is one of those “Why didn’t I think of this myself?” products. It solves so many issues and its really suitable for everyone. I love that it so easily converts into a travel neck pillow as well, making it useful even when you aren’t using your tablet. I’d strongly suggest buying one today.

Other Reviews On The GoGo Pillow

Mary“Love The Go Go Pillow so soft, a great product for my tablet and holding hardback books while reading in bed. But, it being so soft and huggable is the best part for me!!!”

Brenda“Absolutely love it that we bought a second one for my husband. I would like to buy this as a gift for family members.”

Rebecca“I was looking for a pillow to hold my daughter’s 7 in Nabi with the bumper on. This works perfectly. You have access to the buttons and it fits securely. My daughter loves it, she can turn it either way she needs to use it. I love when a product is exactly what you need!”

Judy - “This pillow does EXACTLY what it says. After watching the infomercial, I immediately went online to do some research on the product. The reviews I found we very good and there was advertisement from Target as part of my search results. So, I checked availability at my local store and purchased it. I have used it every night in bed before going to sleep for my iPad. I like that you can shift the filling to accommodate optimum stability, visibility, and comfort. The only drawback is that I wish I had ordered from the infomercial website so that I could have gotten 2 for the price of one!”

Mark“I bought this SOLELY to prop up my wrists. Holding up a smooth tablet with heft, without anything to grab onto, would eventually do a number on your wrists. So having seen this pillow in the infomercial & still not quite believing that it would prop up the tablet at the precise angle for perfect viewing, I gave it a try anyway and I am IMPRESSED. And GRATEFUL. Holds my tablet very securely, leaves the charging slot clearly accessible, does not obscure any part of the screen, except a very slight sliding onto the corners, and is filled with so much beanie-baby-like stuffing (at least that’s how it feels from the outside, I haven’t dissected the pillow!) that it stands up at an angle in your lap with no wobbling or tumbling. I only hope it holds the shape for a long time to come. After 4 weeks’ use, I am VERY SATISFIED.

GoGo Pillow at Wal-Mart and Target – Why the Big Box Stores Aren’t the Best Deal

target-vs-walmartI like to shop online and in the brick and mortar stores. Usually I find a product I want, like the GoGo Pillow, and I will then spend a bunch of time researching to see what the better bargain is for my family. Our family has a couple of tablets and the GoGo Pillow sounds like a good fit for around the house, traveling and the occasional nap. I have a Target and Wal-Mart nearby so I do spend a fair amount of time inside the stores, just to make sure I am getting a bargain.

The GoGo Pillow is sold in Target, Wal-Mart and other places, but the selection is limited and don’t even get me started on the price. At the Big Box Stores there is only a very limited selection. There were a total of three colors between the Target and Wal-Mart in my area. Online at GoGoPillow.com, there is a choice of six great colors to suite anyone’s taste.

The price on the website is a better deal than in Target or Wal-Mart any day. When I bought my GoGo Pillow online, not only did I get the color I wanted, but I also got a second one for free. The company is running a special, how cool is that! All I had to pay was shipping and handling for both pillows. This is cheaper than paying for two pillows, plus taxes in my neighborhood Target or Wal-Mart. There are other ways that shopping on the GoGo website are the better bargain. I did not need to fight through traffic, waste gas or time. My product was shipped straight from the warehouse, so I was the first person to unwrap, handle, and use my GoGo Pillow. All around, buying online is the better way to go.

GoGo Pillow in Stores?

GoGo Pillow in StoresEveryone knows that the GoGo Pillow offers consumers a great value for their money. Everyone also knows about the fact that the GoGo Pillow is in stores. Thus, consumers have several choices for purchasing this useful invention. But does the GoGo Pillow in Stores necessarily mean that it is the best value or should an individual purchase their GoGo pillow directly from their website? Which one would give the consumer the best value?

People should examine any product and the locations for purchasing that product to find the best value for their needs. Helping the consumer do just that will be the purpose of this article.

The first thing that is readily established is that an individual can buy this useful product at a variety of retail outlets, including Walmart, eBay, Amazon.com, and many others. But in searching out the best values for the GoGo Pillow, is considering the GoGo Pillow in stores really the best option? There are many advantages to buying this wonderful invention that doubles as a PC Tablet protector and pillow. Consider the following benefits when buying the GoGo Pillow directly from the manufacturers website:

  1. You get the option of many more different colors. When purchasing a GoGo Pillow on Amazon, Wal-Mart, or Target you are beholden to what they have in stock. Like the color green and they do not have it? Well, tough luck, you will just have to be patient until we can special order it for you.
  2. You get the “Buy one, get one free” option.
  3. When you shop for your GoGo Pillow at the main website they have a great deal where if you buy one you can get another free. This is a great deal especially if you want to take care of your Christmas shopping for a loved one early or get an extra one for a birthday present. The retail stores do not offer this exciting option.
  4. The main store offers special insurance deals. If you decide to buy the GoGo Pillow from the main store you are able to take advantage of their inexpensive shipping insurance option. Your GoGo Pillow will ship completely insured for just an extra $1.99!

GoGo Pillow Animal Print – A Really Cool Design for Your Travel Pillow

GoGo Pillow Animal PrintGoGo Pillows have become some of the hottest items on the market. The handy little pillows are revered by gadget lovers everywhere because they can serve many functions. GoGo pillows are not just designed to hold gadgets like tablets and cellphones, they can also function as backpacks and travel pillows. If you are thinking about purchasing a GoGo pillow, there are a few things that you should consider.

Be Sure that You are Getting What You Paid For

We would all like to think that when we purchase an item, that we are getting an authentic version of it. In the world of technology that we live in, when products are ordered off of websites that are not the direct sellers of those products, you have no idea as to where that product is actually coming from, and no idea as to whether or not you are getting an authentic version of that product.

It’s a Matter of Pride

Companies that produce specialty products are exceptionally proud of their them, and they want the people to purchase them to be satisfied with their purchases, as they want repeat customers. It is for this very reason that companies like the manufacturers of the GoGo Pillow are going to take special care in how they produce, and manufacture their products. The makers of the authentic GoGo Pillow, are going to do their level best to make sure that your GoGo pillow is made well, and that you will be happy with it.

Itchy And Scratchy

If you are someone that has sensitive skin, or some sort of an upper respiratory allergy, you should always want to make sure that you are purchasing an item like a GoGo pillow directly from its makers. Direct manufacturers guarantee the products that they use. Counterfeit products are made cheaply, and out of cheap materials and dyes which could irritate sensitive skin, or trigger an allergy attack.

Don’t take a chance on spending your hard earned money on something that could make you ill, or fall apart and make you angry. Order your GoGo Pillow and rest in the assurance that you are getting a product that is authentic, and a helpful team of customer service professionals that will be happy to help you with any problems or questions that you may have regarding the product.